In the widely overwhelming sea of resources that Google can provide, some good some not so much. When you google "brain aneurysm" - the results can be a bit much for both survivors and caregivers. These are some of my trusted organizations, who I have worked with and support. Of course there are many great nonprofits that work for the cause, but these are some of my trusted friends in the brain aneurysm and stroke community:

Brain Aneurysm Foundation

The foundation’s mission is to provide information about and raise awareness of the symptoms and risk factors of brain aneurysms to prevent ruptures and subsequent death and disability; work with medical communities to provide support networks for patients and families; and advance research to improve patients’ outcomes and save lives.

Visit the Brain aneurysm Foundation for more information.

The Bee Foundation

The mission of The Bee Foundation is to raise awareness of brain aneurysms and increase funding for innovative research that changes lives.

We are building a robust and dynamic brain aneurysm research community with our Scientific Advisory Board, donors and network of researchers interested in grant funding to support meaningful research. Our community, anchored by our grant recipients, is committed to advancing brain aneurysm research.

Visit The Bee Foundation for more information.


The Aneurysm and AVM Foundation

TAAF is dedicated to bettering the lives, support networks, and medical care of those affected by aneurysm and other types of vascular malformation of the brain.

In support of that mission, we have three primary goals that guide foundation activities: Provide support and information for people with aneurysm and other types of vascular malformation of the brain, promote education and awareness in the community, provide encouragement and funding for research. 

Visit The Aneurysm and AVM Foundation for more information.


Brave Minds Project

Brave Minds Project raises awareness and funds while providing support to patients aged 10 to 29-years-old who have been diagnosed with brain and brainstem conditions. Our mission is to provide support at every stage of the journey, from diagnosis to recovery, by: assisting in accessing treatment, creating educational and professional mentorship programs, providing support groups for patients and their families, and much more 

Visit Brave Minds Project for more information.


Joe So Rocks 

He’s worn various hats from retail store owner to artist manager to business consultant, but after suffering a major hemorrhagic stroke in August 2016, he’s been on a journey of self-discovery and seeking out what truly gives him joy in life.  Some new hats he’s trying on include writer, comedian, host, guy who now goes to the gym, world traveller and he’s always trying on more.  He’s on a mission to create a life worthy of the gift he was given when he survived his stroke.  For his opinions and views on life, stroke survival, mind/body transformation, nerd culture, films, pop culture and everything in between, check out his blog on a weekly basis for new stories and articles.  Whether you read it or not, Joe’s still going to have a laugh because 90% of what he says is for his own entertainment. He is also the creator and host of the Neuro Nerds Podcast. 

Visit Joe So Rocks to learn more about Joe and listen to his podcast Neuro Nerds.


TBI One Love

We provide Education, Inspiration, and Connection through information, encouraging Survivor stories, and Our Family of those touched by Brain Injury Creating Awareness, Support, and Prevention. Anyone, Anytime, and anywhere - you are not alone. We are in a place of  H.O.P.E.” In effort to help out people everywhere encouraging others to believe "anything is possible. Turning a Brain Injury into a Beautiful injury.

Visit TBI One Love for more information.