Surviving Back to school

Read what it was like to recover while my son was getting ready for Kindergarten in 2019.

This blog post was originally written for and published on TAAF Magazine:

"He was just five-years-old when I bent over to tell my son something at a friend’s house, and I suddenly collapsed at his feet.  It hadn’t even been 10 minutes from the time we arrived.  My friends said I went down slowly and they were initially confused at what had happened. When I hit the ground, they thought I was having a seizure. They turned me over on my side so I wouldn’t choke on my tongue. As two friends, who I just had met that night, tended to me, other friends called 911. They quickly recognized that I was agonal breathing, and it was not a seizure. Nothing about that moment seemed right.

In the background, my friends could hear my son saying, “What is wrong with my mom,  what is wrong with my mom?”  His friends tried to keep him occupied in the other room.

When the ambulance arrived, the paramedics worked on me immediately.  I came to for brief few seconds, and then I was unconscious again.  When the ambulance took me, one friend followed; the others stayed with my son.

That night, November 9, 2018, an aneurysm in my brain ruptured.  I never knew I had an aneurysm until that day."

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