No, not Vanilla Ice - In Case of Emergency

"Ice is back with my brand new invention" . . .

No. It's not a brand new invention, but let me break it sown for you all real quick - because it is very often over looked.

The night I collapsed due to my aneurysm rupture, I didn't have my ICE contacts set up on my phone. That's IN CASE of EMERGENCY contacts. My friends, oh, my poor, amazing friends.

Can you imagine the panic they must of felt?! Think about it. Your friend and her son get to your house and you are all ready to begin a fun night of games, when suddenly your friend collapses. She barely has time to settle in, when in mid conversation, she all of a sudden collapses - almost knocking her son down.

Paramedics are called. Who do you call next? Someone has to be told. Someone in her family. You don't have her family's numbers. Oh you reach for her phone. It's locked. Of course it's locked! You ask her son, maybe he knows the code. "Honey, do you know your mommy's code?" - "No. I don't." You think you can find her family on facebook - but how do you tell her family that she collapsed, is on her way to the hospital, and you don't know if she will be ok, through a FACEBOOK MESSAGE!!

Oh the pure, horrific panic my friends must have felt - and my son! At five years-old not knowing the code, seeing his mommy on the floor, and knowing that at that minute that code he didn't know was super important and could help his mommy in someway.

My son was usher out of the room by then and although my friends were able to get a hold of all the right people. With today's technology, there is no reason why this should have happened. When the paramedics arrived - they couldn't reach my ICE contacts either - of course they couldn't! I NEVER SET IT UP!!!!!

My point is we are all responsible, functioning adults - we should ALL have this set up.

So grab your phone NOW. Right now, what are you waiting for? You ready? Now follow these instructions to set it up.

Look at that. Wasn't that simple? Good for us. :) Oh wait, do you have kids with cell phones - get it set up on their phones, too. In fact get it set up for everyone in your household. Tell the family who doesn't live with you. Tell your friends. Tell your coworkers. Tell that stranger in line at Starbucks. Tell everyone. :)

Medical IDs

Oh, no, wait. One more thing. Do you have any illnesses that you are dealing with (even if it's something that is being managed like high blood pressure or migraines (like I had)? Then fill out your Medical ID info on your phone, too. You think I had this fill out before the aneurysm? Remember, I was perfectly healthy prior to it. I only had high blood pressure that was being controlled with medication. And no. I didn't have it filled out. Not like it would of mattered - my phone was locked, anyways.

Now, you bet ya I have all that information filled in. I even linked my hospital information with my Health App on my iPhone. It was easy to do. Christiana Hospital in Delaware has an app, I bet your hospital has an app, too that you can link. When I scroll through my procedures - well, let's just say that I had my phone on hold for a solid 10 minutes so all that information could download. LOL

Oh - oh -oh - aaaaaannnnddd . . I got a Medical ID tag for my Apple Watch. Got another form of smart watch? Great. They have other options. And they also have bracelet and necklaces options, and key chains, too. In fact, if you just google "medical IDs", and you are bound to find something that works for you. Now this company that I used they give you a special ID number that you can use to create an online profile with all your medical information. And on your ID tag they also give you the option to include their 1-800 number and web address, so a first responder can access your information by using your specific ID number that is also on your chip. Now, because I chose a large chip for my Apple watch band(as you can see in the picture), I had plenty of room for all of my most important information (although I forgot stroke - duh! didn't I tell ya I had a brain injury! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️).

So now that my rant is over - have you set up your ICE contacts yet? Or how about your family's? Honestly . . . what are you waiting for? Get to it.

. . . The kid don't play If there was a problem Yo, I'll solve it Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it . . .

Love and Triumph to you all.

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