Excuse me, do you like to write?

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

A stranger once told me that I should be writing. So here I am - writing.

Back in 2014 - it was actually Veteran's Day in November. My son and I (Bryce had just turned one) were in JoAnn's Fabric and I was waiting for my number to be called to get fabric cut so I was pushing the cart around that area of the store when I suddenly here, "Excuse me miss." I turned to find a beautiful woman facing me.

"This might sound crazy, but do you like to write? she asked me.

Well yes, I've always enjoyed writing, but what was she getting at? Was she trying to sell me something? ooohhh great! Let me stop you right there lady. With an untrusting hesitation I said, "umm, yea. I guess so," while thinking, ok lady if you're going to sell me something, get to the point - like yesterday!

What she said next stayed with me until this day.

She looked at me and very as-a-matter-of-fact said, "Well, I talk to God, well, he talks to me actually (at this point I clearly remember looking past her to see if I was being filmed or something) And He's telling me that you should be writing. A book about your life - ooorr, maybe a blog about your style or your life. You should be writing about your life. He told me to tell you that you should be writing about your life. He knows it's something you hold very close to you heart but He wanted to make sure I told you that you should be writing.

“I talk to God and he's telling me you should be writing”

I must of looked like I saw a ghost because she took my hand and said, "it will all be okay. But you have to share it. He knows that it's something very close to your heart, but you don't know who you could help by sharing. You should be writing."

I looked at Bryce who was shoving a fist full of Goldfish in his mouth with his chubby little hands and I managed to say, "how do you know all this?"

She smiled, she had a super warm smile - those kinds of smiles that automatically make you smile along with her, and she said, "God talks to me sometimes, andHe just wanted me to tell you that you should be writing. It's going to be ok. And all of a sudden they called her number for fabric cutting and that was it. Oh that's my number, have a great day."

Bryce and I were left there, with Goldfish in hand and even more on the floor.

At that time, I had just started going through a very dramatic and ugly divorce - we're talking Lifetime movie worthy drama! So I really thought that she was referring to that. And since then I've struggled with the idea of writing a blog. I've alway wanted to, in fact, I tried several times, but it never seemed right. Something was off with every single one of them - and boy were there a few. And there was something that just didn't feel right about sharing that part of my life - for my son's sake.

Now, of course there are those who think, "oh she'd s a complete wackadoo . . she saw you at the store with a baby and no ring. Duh! you had gone through something dramatic . . . she took you for a sucker . . She'd coo coo for cocoa puffs!"

Well, as a believer of God and things of that sort - I choose to believe. And even if she made it up, it still warms my heart when I think about her.

So to the JoAnn's stranger, "I'm finally doing it. And it finally feels right!

Love and Triumph to you all.

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