This & I

I happen to be a  Survivor

I'm Cynthia, I speak spanish and english, since I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My family came to the U.S. when I was five-years-old.


After my high School graduation, I spent four years making friends, being a Zeta Tau Alpha, and occasionally opening a book at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania. Upon my college graduation, I flew like a bird from my nest and began my career in Marketing. I now do Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization for an investment firm in Philadelphia, PA.


The best part about me? No, not my striking good looks. Nor is it my modest personality. And it's not my fluency in sarcasm either! The best thing about me, is being a mom to a six year old boy who's the spitting image of me with his blonde hair and blue eyes . . . no, but really -I look more like his nanny (that reminds me, I need to ask him for a raise).


Oh and did I mention,I also happen to be an aneurysm and stroke survivor. 

Since before the aneurysm, I always enjoyed to write, in fact my major in college was Print Journalism. But I quickly learned that I didn't enjoy writing about the news - my feature writing class was my JAM! But in those days blogs didn't exist, neither did digital marketing (yikes!)

For many years I kept a journal and a stranger once told me I should be writing, I figured why not start a blog about this past year, my recovery, and my life here on out.

Through this blog I don't promise you any type of consistency (because I know a blog can be time consuming), I don't even promise you perfect grammar and spelling, but I do promise you TRUTH.  Just like in my social media accounts you will get the good, the bad, and the ugly - but even more of it.

Love and Triumph to you all.